Ditch the Energy Zapping Foods & 
Reclaim Your Energy and Waistline 
in Just 7 Days
with the 7-Day Sugar Free Challenge
Are you constantly exhausted, flopping on the sofa every night 
but wish you could have the energy to feel better about yourself?

Do you dream of being able to look in the mirror and like what you see but just don't know how to get started?
Then try my 7 Day Sugar-Free Challenge where you will learn how to make simple changes to improve your health, energy and waistline so that you can feel great this Spring and have the energy to run around after your kids without feeling hungry or deprived!

The 7-Day Challenge Will Help You Kick-Start Your Weight Loss Goals and Feel Your Best... No Matter How Busy You Are or How Many Times You've Failed in the Past!
Save 75% and Grab Your Challenge for Just £4.99
(Offer ends Sunday 31st March)
12 Page Challenge Booklet
Helpful information on how to start saying no to sugar, simple alternatives plus FAQ's on how to do the simple challenge and why

 PLUS 6 Tips to Breaking the Addiction (which is what I teach my paying clients!)
7 Days Worth of Tasty Recipes
Breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack recipes for all 7 days with handy colour photos....

includes foods such as Lemon and Basil Chicken, Superfast Chilli,  Beef Stir Fry, Family Friendly Pancakes and Almond Butter Cookies..... 
Shopping List
Easy shopping list ready to go to save you precious time
Hi I'm Abby...

a Health Coach, Mum of one and a former chocolate addict!

I teach busy Women, especially Mums how to dump the diet and lose weight without dieting, giving up the foods they love or feeling hungry, no matter how busy you are or how many strategies you've tried in the past. 
I put this challenge together for you because I realised that all the sugar I was eating was making me grumpy, exhausted and my weight was going in the wrong direction....
But cutting back sugar isn't that hard, you just have to know where to start !
Save 75% and grab your challenge for just £4.99
(offer ends Sunday 31st March)
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